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Chrome effect in a brand new shades

Luminous, chrome nails have been the hottest trend in beauty salons for a past few seasons.

Allow yourself a bit of extravagance and try one of three new shades of Metal Manix®. With its help, you will change your nails into a shiny chrome surface in a few fashionable colours. Now it's a perfect time to rock this type od manicure. Christmass and New Year's Eve is around the corner and with them a carnival season! It's an ideal time for a long lasting, stunning manicure in chrome effect, people won't be able to look away.

Pink Gold

A gold with a pink tone is a colour of this season. Now you can wear it on your nails, thanks to a new Metal Manix® Pink Gold dust. Create a brilliant manicure in a rose gold that will give you a touch of subtle style.

15,60 PLN / 2.5 g

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 If you like unique, fresh colours, you need to try a manicure with a chrome effect in a shade of mint. Metal Manix® Tiffany will give your nails a beautiful shine with a cool, refreshing shade of green with a turquoise undertone. This effect will slightly change according to a base colour ( black base will create the most dramatic effect). It will also work great as a colourful accent on a few nails.

15,60 PLN / 2.5 g

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Russian Gold

Metal Manix® Russian Gold is an ideal product for women who prefer an extravagant, elegant designs. It is a warm, sunny shade of gold with a bit of copper undertone. Such manicure is perfect for a holiday season and can even be worn instead of jewellery.

15,60 PLN / 2.5 g

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How to apply Metal Manix® dust?

  1. Prepare the nail and perform a standard gel or gel polish manicure.
  2. Apply the base colour - it's best to choose black or white, depending on the effect you want to achieve. (We highly recommend Sugar Effect gel or Paint Gel).
  3. Dust a cured product with a dispersive layer with Metal Manix® dust.
  4. With a gloved finger rub the powder in with a circular motion.
  5. Remove excess powder with a soft brush.
  6. Protect it with a cured layer of Wet Look top coat (for a maximum protection use two coats).

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Monika Żurek

Czy efekt chromu pink gold nadaje się na naturalną płytkę paznokcia czy tylko na paznokieć nabudowany żelem. A jeśli tak to jaka baza pod sugar effect na naturalną płytkę?

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