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Christmas offer 2 plus 1!

This is the moment all Nail Stylists have been waiting for...

Today starts the Great Christmas Offer 2+1!

By buying two products from Indigo you get the third one for FREE! This is the only day in the year when the offer 2+1, that was usually a special deal for beauty fairs, is available for our online store and distribution points across Poland. Moreover the list of products the offer applies to have been expanded so that more people can take part!

It's an ideal occasion to expand your gel polish collection (to new colours from Natalia Siwiec collection) and to try out new gel  products from Indigo. Don't waste time and do your Christmass Shopping now.

The special offer lasts until 31.12. 2016.

The list of products included in the 2+1 offer:

- an entire collection of  gel polishes and gel polish products (base coats, top coats) - among them Gel Polish collections by Natalia Siwiec. In 5ml and 10ml volume.

- builder gels: Take Your Time, Easy Shape Light Rose and Easy Shape Cover. In volume 15, 3050ml.

- base gels: Keratin Base and Perfect Base Brush (In volume 5 and 15ml), Perfect Base (In volume 15, 30ml).

- high gloss gel Wet Look. In volume 5 and 15ml.

- white gel X-white. In volume 5 and 15ml.

Products can be combined only in one product category and in the same volume. I case of differences in price in the same category, the least expensive product will be given for free. More details can be found in terms and conditions available here

Moreover, we remind that our Gel Polish Set, which is a great idea for a gift, is back in our store. It's a great deal fort both professionals and those who have just started experimenting with Gel Polish manicure. Ina winter edition of Gel Polish Set, the colours of polishes have been changed - now inside you can find a cult black Mr. Black, a sexy red Keep Calm be a Diva and a classic beige Chic Nude. Price: 269 PLN. 

Due to a large number of orders during the 2+1 offer, Indigo company cannot guarantee a 24-48h time for processing an order. Orders will be processed on an ongoing basis but the can be a derogation from usual time of processing the orders.

We wish you a successful shopping!

Christmas offer 2 plus 1!Christmas offer 2 plus 1!Christmas offer 2 plus 1!Christmas offer 2 plus 1!Christmas offer 2 plus 1!
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