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Chic Gold - buy a nail polish and help others with Indigo!

For many years October has been female breast cancer awareness month. As a brand that puts the needs of women first, Indigo wants to support them not only to strive for beauty but also provide support during the most important fight of them all - the fight for life and health.
Check out how you can help with us! 

Today in our web store you can purchase a very special polish - Chic Gold. What makes this subtle pink with shimmer so special?

Not only it is a versatile, warm colour with aglow coming from shimmering dust but more importantly, all profits from the sale of this polish will go to The Foundation for Development of Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute in Łódź*. This time your stive for beauty will also aid a great cause and help others in need!

Add this charming, universal shade to your collection and let the people in need know that they can count on your support. Indigo disclaims any financial benefits coming from selling this polish to help those who need the most support. 

Buy it now and see for yourself how easy, nice and beautiful (even shimmering  ;-) ) can be helping. Together with Indigo we can safeguard both beauty and health. Are you with us on this?

Yes, I want to help right now

The objectives of the Foundation include undertaking and supporting activities aimed at promoting the development of health prevention or cooperation with state and local government institutions, as well as legal and natural persons in Poland and abroad, who act for the benefit of health protection or the development of scientific and research activities. The Foundation for the development of the Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research Institute (ICZMP) organises and supports the financing of the purchase of specialist medical equipment, provides financial and material assistance to the needy, conducts scientific activity and co-finances the renovation, construction and modernization of health care facilities.

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