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Chameleon effect on your nails - Metal Manix® Chameleon [VLOG]

How about colour shifting manicure? This effect can be achieved in a blink of an eye!

This is our latest dust which creates a colour shifting chameleon effect on nails in a matter of seconds. It creates a phenomenal surface which changes colour depending on an angle and intensity of the light. Many people call this effect an “oil spill”. Until now, this effect could be achieved only with Illumination gels. And now it is even easier!

Metal Manix ® Chameleon comes in a form of very fine powder which will give your nails magical colour shifting properties.

This effect should be applied on a product without dispersive layer (Dry Top or Shine On), it looks the best on a dark colour. It should be rubbed in with a special applicator and protected with two layers of top coat. This design should last until next visit. Metal Manix ® Chameleon comes in 5 amazing shades – Butterfly, Alien, Infinity, Blue Devil and Supernova.

The chameleon effect is one of the hottest trends in nail art. It makes the nails look really spectacular and shine amazingly. That’s probably why it has won a place on the podium of the most frequently made decorations in recent weeks.

Is it possible to create the chameleon effect by yourself? Sure! It’s really easy with the guide that we’ve prepared for you. If you want to enjoy the chameleon effect on your nails, please read our guide!

Chameleon effect on nails – step by step

  1. Create a hybrid manicure using a selected dark colour, e.g. Mr Black or Black Poison
  1. Cover your nail design with a selected top without dispersion, e.g. Tip Top Top Coat and cure the top according to instructions – e.g. for 30–60 seconds in the case of Tip Top Top Coat.
  2. Apply Metal Manix, e.g. Chameleon Blue Devil, on the cured top using an applicator
  3. Remove excess of the product with a very soft brush.
  4. Cover the design with a selected top, e.g. Tip Top Top Coat

Note! Skip step 2 if you choose to use Arte Brillante Black Poison!

Butterfly dust will make your nails shine with shades of navy, purple and green:

 Alien creates a gold, green, and burgundy effect:

See all five and fall in love from a first sight!

Chameleon effect on your nails - Metal Manix® Chameleon [VLOG]Chameleon effect on your nails - Metal Manix® Chameleon [VLOG]Chameleon effect on your nails - Metal Manix® Chameleon [VLOG]
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Ania R

Kiedy będzie dostępny w sprzedaży?

Ania R

Piękne chcę je mieć!!


Witam czemu nie macie na stronie sklepu efektu metal manix chameleon?kiedy bedzie dostepny?


Od kiedy można go kupić.?


Z tego co się dowiedzialam efekt cameleon dostępny tylko w sklepie indigo :(


Super zaczynam przygodę z pazurkami gdzie mogę zamówić te 5 pylkow?

Indigo Nails.

Nasze efekty Metal Manix Chameleon cały czas są dostępne w sklepie Indigo (oraz w punktach stacjonarnych):,a2768,metalmanix-chameleon-blue-devil.html


Dlaczego kameleon indigo Traci pilysk mimo dry topu?


Czy na wykończenie, zamiast topu , mogę dać Wet Look żel? Dopiero zaczynam przygodę z Nail Art, i nie jestem pewna czy kameleon nie straci po Wet Look, swojego uroku.

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