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Caviar, Hexagons and Dots nails – super trio!

Soon you will say YES but you are still looking for inspiration for your wedding manicure? This is an extremely important element of wedding stylization. If you are a fan of classic solutions, choose a simple, minimalistic manicure. But if you prefer glamour style, we have something special for you! See our new products! Here is our Super Trio – Caviar, Hexagons and Dots nails.

Must have – caviar nails!

This year we love not only sweet pastels but also original decorations! Our must have of this season is Caviar, which gives an amazing effect and it is used not only in wedding manicure, but also in everyday stylizations. It is available in five color versions: Dark Silver, Silver, Gold, Light Gold and Rose Gold, so we are sure that each of you will find the perfect version for yourself. Caviar nails works perfectly as a complement to structural ornaments made of Mousse Gel. It can be applied to the whole nail plate or used to make original designs.

Hexagons – perfect shiny decorations!

The perfect match for Caviar are Hexagons – hexagonal shiny ornaments, available in three color versions: Light Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. This is a very popular decoration used in creating jewelry embelishments in occasional stylizations. Hexagons will surely add charm to any styling and make your manicure literally dazzling!

Dots nails – real shimmer!

Another hit in our collection of decorations are Dots – small, round, shimmering decorations that are impossible to miss! Dots allow you to get a “rich” manicure and can be used in many ways, not only in wedding stylizations. This is a perfect solution for real splendor lovers! Just like Hexagons, Dots are available in three color versions: Light Gold, Rose Gold and Silver, that is why they can create a very harmonious, effective and super shine duet!

These ornaments give us endless possibilities to make creative wedding manicure stylizations. The combination of nail art decorations and shiny elements is a version for confident women who like unique solutions. With such a rich manicure, you can limit the amount of jewelry. Watch the video below to see more decorations and sample styles prepared by our experts, specializing in dazzling wedding stylizations.


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