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BRAND NEW! Effect Base - a special task base coat

You well know that every effort is made to create the very best line of high-quality products. This is why we are sure that you'll be excited about our new product - Effect Base! What makes this base coat unique?

The product will make all fans of creating ornaments with effect powders gasp in awe! If fans of holographic or shimmering with mermaid effect nails read this, then this one is just for you! Effect Base will enchant you!

Base Effect is a product dedicated to Effect dust and powders.

- the application of Effect powders will be easier than ever
- the result will be spectacular
- the manicure will be more durable!

49,40 PLN / 7 ml

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Enjoy the shine of your pristine, sparkly nails even longer! Rub the holo powders into nails with ease and be amazed by the perfect manicure! Try Effect Base now and see for yourself that creating the most beautiful ornaments can be easy and effective. No more "surprises" while you are working - thanks to this base coat the Mermaid effect will look amazing.

The product comes in 7ml bottle available from our web store HERE and at your local retail stores.

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