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Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Indigo - celebrate from Friday 23.11 to Monday 26.11!

The American tradition of celebrating and having a shopping spree a month before the holidays has settled in Poland for good! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and you can celebrate with Indigo for an entire weekend! What kind of special offers are waiting for you between 23-26th of November and what do you have to do to take part? Keep reading!

For fans of Indigo there  is a unique special offer 3+1 for:

It's a great chance to stock up on quality Indigo products or to start buying Christmas presents for loved ones and... pay less.

Remember that the offer includes only products from the same category, all of them mentioned above. So, to get a four polishes in the 7ml bottle you need to add three bottles of the same volume into the cart! The Promotions do not work on products from different categories.

A simple calculation for the Indigo special offer for Black Friday:

Choose any 4 products within the category and price, and one of them you will get for free!

3x gel polish 7ml = the fourth gel polish 7ml for free!
3x Protein Base 7ml = fourth Protein Base 7ml for free!
3x Protein Base 13ml = fourth Protein Base 13ml for free!
3x Mousse Gel = fourth Mouse Gel for free!
3x Gel Brush = fourth Gel Brush for free!

The special offer lasts for 4 days - begining on Friday 23.11.2018 and will last throughout Monday on 26.11. It's a great chance to fill your cart: stock up and try out new products. GO TO WEB STORE or first, get inspired by our blog and read about:

We are waiting for you!

With Indigo the Friday might be black, but colourful and cheerful at the same, right?

Which hand cream to choose?

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