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Beauty Diamonds for Indigo and Indigo Home SPA!

The list of titles and distinctions given to the Indigo Nails Lab brand is impressive. We're delighted with the next awards, just like with the successes of the Indigo Home SPA brand, which follows in the footsteps of its older sister – both brands have just won the honourable title of 2018 Beauty Diamonds!

Beauty Diamonds is an opinion poll, which aims to select and award the best brands in the professional cosmetics industry. Indigo was awarded for the quality of its products, an extensive range, as well as for marketing operations and educational activities. Indigo Home SPA delighted the jury with a compilation of the most effective nutrients and fantastic fragrances that you can enjoy with our lotions, creams, oils or peelings.

We'd like to express our gratitude for yet further proof that we provide the best quality products and services and conduct activities that set standards for others in the cosmetics industry! We aren't intending to rest on our laurels; on the contrary – every award and distinction is a huge driving force for us to face new challenges!

Exclusive Indigo shows #2 on March 2nd!

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