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Bases, tops and gel polishes 15% OFF | Buy online and HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO

Order your favourite products with a 15% discount at the official Indigo online store and support the fight against coronavirus.

Grab the 15% OFF discount on over 300 products from the GEL POLISH range (bases, tops, colour gel polishes), and we will donate 15% of the income from the campaign to purchase essential supplies to fight coronavirus.

HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO - join the campaign and support isolation hospitals

We know how dramatic the situation Polish hospitals are in today. Doctors and medical staff still lack the basic hygiene measures essential to fight coronavirus successfully. To share what we had direct access to, we've already donated 100,000 disposable gloves to isolation hospitals in Lodz. However, we realize that this is just a drop in the ocean of needs. That is why we decided to go a step further.

15% of income from the HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO campaign will be donated to help in the fight against coronavirus. As part of the offer, you can buy your favourite products at lower prices, while helping hospitals fight a pandemic. You pay less, and we donate 15% of our income to purchase the essential supplies and medical equipment needed.

Don't wait! Grab a discount and HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO today!

The offer is valid from 25th of March until 31st of March, 2020 until 23:59 at the official Indigo online store. T&Cs apply. For more details, go HERE.

[EDIT] With your help, we were able to purchase PPE worth £31,588.68. The money was sent to infectious hospitals in Łódź and Łask. For more details, go HERE. Thank you!

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