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Ibiza Chill - our way to extend summer

The phenomenal, sunny shade of orange is back in a new, improved formula, to sweeten your last weeks of summertime.

Which of us would not like to extend summer by a few hot days? Indigo has its own ways. Ibiza Chill is just one of them. The sunny, pastel shade of orange from the Ibiza by Natalia Siwiec Collection perfectly emphasizes summer tan and let you enjoy the lightness of holiday stylizations even longer.

44,20 PLN / 7 ml

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Your favourite colour is back in the new formula we've been working on in recent months. We are happy to present you with a product with excellent consistency, which at the same time impresses with its unique pigmentation. It presents excellent in monochromatic stylisations and with combination with other pastel stars of the Ibiza Collection. Fantastic as an element of ornaments, e.g. fashionable this season french manicure with colourful tips.

Ibiza Chill gel polish now available in our online store and at Indigo stores.

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