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How to perform gel polish pedicure? Here’s how Indigo does it!

In summer we show our feet more often than usual. Each of us wants her legs to be the ones that catch admirers eyes. Well-groomed and polished nails boost your self-confidence and make your feet look healthy and beautiful. It is not a surprise that gel polish pedicure becomes more popular. Extraordinary colours, mirror effects and art nail dust will be the ones that will make you sparkle during the summer holidays. Long walks on the beach and baths in the sea will be a pure pleasure thanks to unusual hybrid nail polish properties. Hybrid gel polish will protect your nails from undesirable effects of salty seawater and warm sand. Would you like to know why getting a professional gel pedicure is so worth it? Or, what gel polish pedicure is? Here's everything you need to know.

Prepare for the WOW effect!

To achieve the desired final effect, it is necessary to start with the proper preparation of your nails and feet. Pedicure is a complex treatment that requires relevant experience. The first step is to make sure the skin is adequately softened by soaking and putting scrub. Next, we need to remove excess skin. It's best to use an electric file or foot file for this task. It's worth to remember that in case of an electric file, the device needs to be equipped with the right bit. For excess skin removal, it's best to use the abrasive cap with the right grit, also known as "hood". You can also use a mandrel bit with the right level of abrasion.

Next step is pushing back cuticles. You need to remember not to round sides of a free edge of the nail while performing gel nail polish pedicure. You can use a tungsten carbide or diamond file bits. Their size and shape depend on the nail structure and the effect we want to achieve. What can't be removed with the electric file needs to be cut out. Now we can focus on nails. Toenails preparation is one of the most important steps of gel polish pedicure. The process begins with its trimming. As you already know, we can't cut down the nail to its minimum. This might cause ingrown nail and unnecessary discomfort. Best for nail shaping will be a disposable file with 100/180 grit. Next step is to buff and remove any oils from the surface of the nail. Now it's time for separators, which will allow avoiding any contact between the toes. Remember that gel polish pedicure is a treatment for the whole foot, and its task is to improve the condition of nails and the skin. Once the nails are trimmed and excess skin removed, we can move to the next step. After all its just a beginning of the perfect gel polish pedicure treatment.

Choose the right base

Choosing the right base coat depends on your customer's needs and type of their nails. As professionalist, you will know well what product should be used. Indigo offers a wide range of products beginning from Mineral Base, trough Very Cool 2in1 base and ending with Protein Base. Each of them can be used for building up, infills, strengthening or fixing a broken nail. It is vital to choose the right base to your customer's needs so that she could enjoy the final effect as long as possible. This is why it's worth investing in Indigo base coats. Thanks to its fantastic consistency application never been so easy and cuticles covered with gel polish is just the past. The base coat requires curing, which for LED lamp is 30 seconds and for UV lamp is 2-3 minutes. In the case of french manicure, we recommend Very Cool Base, which formula is designed to cover any discolouration. If your customer's nails require more attention, they're weak or brittle; we recommend applying the second layer of the base coat and curing again.


What would be a perfect pedicure without a splash of colour? If you wish your Instagram have more views and followers, we've got something that will make you stand out from the crowd - Nailfluencer. Among new Indigo colours, you can find delicate, girly pastels and also vibrant, saturated colours perfect for bold and confident women. Like4Like, Bad Filter and delicate Hashtag are subtle and milky shades of pink and grey. For more wild looks use Stalker and F*Beautiful. Insta Queen, Pudelek and Influencer are the essences of the whole Nailfluencer Collection idea. These are vibrant colours for all skin types. All the colours in this collection require curing.

Grande Finale!

Finally, it's time to apply the right top coat. Summertime loves neons, and Top Pro White can protect these. It contains a significant amount of UV factors what protect colours from fading during long sunbaths. You need to remember, however, that they are not recommended for dark tints and shades of red, because it can cause the change of its hue. For fans of a glossy finish, and for those who like to shine, we recommend Tip Top Top Coat. Matt effect like you have never seen before? - Use Super Matte Top Coat. Or for more fairy tale looks try mermaid effect designs and nail dust. Once in a lifetime, every woman wants to be like Ariel from Disney's story. Go wild! It's summertime!

If the chosen top coat creates a dispersion layer, we need to use Cleaner Super Shine for its removal. Now, it's only one thing left - appropriate protection. To strengthen nails after they were properly taken care of during the pedicure treatment, we must not forget about skincare. And here please welcome Foot Lover Seventh Heaven feet cream. Foot cream that loves feet. And feet? Well...We can only say they will feel immediate results of soft and smooth skin! Answering the question "How to perform gel polish pedicure?" we say - with Indigo!

Why is it worth to get gel polish pedicure?

First of all, it's the comfort it gives you when going on holidays. What's essential from the nail stylist point of view it's short time it takes to do it. Gel polish pedicure is much quicker to perform and much more durable in comparison to traditional methods. The final effect presents beautifully in summer sandals and has long-lasting colour resistant to sand and seawater. We wouldn't risk standard nail varnish due to its poor durability. Treat yourself with the gel polish pedicure. Your feet will look beautiful and neat, and you will enjoy your summer holiday!

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