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Jak dbać o paznokcie
How to take care of your nails - 3 important rules

We usually take interest in proper nail care when we notice the breakage and splitting - which is to say when it is too late. The question "how to take care of nails" should have been asked way earlier and then we should stick to a simple routine which will help our nails grow properly and look healthy and beautiful every single day.

Pedicure hybrydowy - krok po kroku!
Gel polish pedicure - step by step

The most beautiful colours of this season, amazing glossy finish but most of all durability and resistance to scratches - no wonder gel polish pedicure gets more and more popular. Let us explain what a gel polish pedicure is and how to create it.

Łamliwe paznokcie - przyczyny
Broken nails – what are the possible causes?

Broken nails are a reason for complexes of many women. The perfect manicure made on long, neat and shiny nails remains a dream of people suffering from brittle nails. When regular filing and growing not only fails to produce the desired results but also increases the frustration associated with the unexpected loss of a carefully maintained nail plate, it’s necessary to find the cause of this situation.

Paznokcie akrylowe czy żelowe?
Acrylic or gel nails?

The nail styling market keeps coming with new products faster and faster which gets harder to follow. New technologies, products, methods it can cause a headache especially to a beginner stylist.