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Marble nails – step by step. How to do it?

Each year brings new trends or promotes fashion that’s been forgotten for decades. There are cases, however, when a certain style can stand the test of time and enjoy great success for years. A great example are the so-called “marble nails”, which from a curiosity of one season have become one of the most popular methods of nail decoration. 

Stylizacja karnawałowa: TUTORIAL VIDEO od Indigo!
Carnival nails: TUTORIAL VIDEO from Indigo!

Carnival is a perfect time to get crazy! If you're looking for an idea for a unique manicure and make-up that will make you delight others during every party, you've come to the right place – you must watch our video!

Dlaczego paznokcie żelowe odpadają?
Why do gel nails fall off?

Gel nails are a great foundation for a hybrid nail design. In order for the procedure to have a durable effect, it’s important to remember about several principles. By observing them, we will avoid the disappointment caused by the premature falling off of the application.

Krótkie paznokcie – jaki kolor wybrać?
Short nails - which colour to choose?

Neat and beautiful hands are the hallmark of every woman. However, what if, for various reasons, we cannot have long nails? Short nails can also look beautiful, as long as we know a few tricks on how to optically lengthen them. You’re lucky, because we’re going to share them with you!