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Ranking of colours from the Sex In The City collection!

The Sex In The City collection, just like New York, had its official première on September 9th. Today, we’ve decided to summarize and present your favourite products that most often end up in the shopping cart at our online store! Check which nail polishes from the latest collection signed by Sara Boruc-Mannei have won your hearts.

Wszystko o Top Matte
Everything about Top Matte

You’ll probably never get bored with the matte effect. Thanks to our tips and our vlog, you’ll be able to enjoy impeccable matte effects on your nails for many weeks! Today, at your request, we’ll go over one of our most popular tops – Super Matte – with a fine-tooth comb.

Nowa kolekcja - GLASS - efekt kolorowych szkiełek na paznokciach
New GLASS collection – the effect of coloured glass on your nails

The autumn-winter season doesn’t have to be serious and subdued! We know that just like us, you miss the sun and a bit of positive madness. Why wait for the change of seasons? Let’s reach for colours now – with the Glass collection from Indigo!

Baza proteinowa Indigo
Protein Base - the cult or timeless?!

Many seasons went by since it's premiere but the unflagging interest, popularity, a growing list of awards and thousands of satisfied clients leave no doubt - it is still one of the hottest products from Indigo! Next, to new collections, it is yours and our favourite product!