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Watercolour decorations with Aqua Gel
Watercolour decorations with Aqua Gel

You know perfectly well the effects that can be achieved with the use of foil, powders, stones, as well as an amazing collection of transparent Glass nail polishes.

Discover Aqua Gel – a new product that will surprise you once again!

Glitter Collection – brokatowy blask w karnawałowej odsłonie!
Glitter Collection – glitter shine in the carnival version!

Do you think that glitter incarnations of colours can't surprise you any longer? This means that you haven't got to know the latest Glitter Collection – a palette of colours developed according to a completely new formula!

Wake Up No Make Up Mineral Base & Delikates Mineral Base – NOWOŚĆ!
Mineral Base Wake Up No Makeup & Mineral Base Delikates – BRAND NEW PRODUCTS!

The Mineral Base by Indigo has won your hearts in 2018. You loved the product which allows you to create a complete manicure in 45 minutes, so you will surely be happy to know that now, the Mineral base will be even more amazing!

NOWOŚĆ! Effect Base – baza do zadań specjalnych
BRAND NEW! Effect Base - a special task base coat

You know well that every effort is made to create the very best line of high-quality products. This is why we are sure that you'll be excited about our new product - Effect Base! What makes this base coat unique?