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Hybrid nail curing lamp – which one to choose? LED or UV?

Curing, the final stage of the nail design process, is actually the icing on the cake – the last element determining the final effect. In case of insufficient power or type of light, we can significantly extend the time and even make it impossible to realize our concept for a unique nail design. That’s why choosing the right hybrid nail curing lamp is a priority.

Glitter nails – how to create this effect?

Glitter nails aren't reserved only for evening occasions. Spectacular gel polish nails with a glitter leave a New Year's ballroom and hit the streets and therefore visit our offices and workspaces. Shiny nails are very fashionable so you can sparkle 24/7 without any guilt.

Tip Top and Super Matte – hot news from INDIGO

Perfect manicure is a matter of many choices. From the shape of nails, to the selection of colors, patterns and decorations. However, you should remember that choosing the right top is also a very important element of finishing the whole stylization.

Paznokcie na lato 2018 według Indigo
Summer nails 2018 by Indigo - We Are The Colors!

Every woman starts preparing for holidays several months before. We were also very busy preparing to summer 2018! We wanted it to be really special.