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Indigo inspiration #2: Gingerbread frenzy!

You probably remembered to get gifts for your loved ones as well as to prepare your favourite dishes and Christmas decorations, but in the hustle and bustle of duties haven’t you forgotten... about yourself? With another portion of inspiration from Indigo, you’ll delight others more than the first star!

Indigo i Huda Beaty - inspiracje
Be inspired by Indigo and Huda Beauty!

Our world undoubtedly concentrates around nails, but we know that your look also consists of many other elements. In response to the needs of women looking for inspiration, we’re launching a new series of videos! Immerse yourself in the sea of inspiration together with Indigo!

Matowe hybrydy - krok po kroku
Matte hybrid manicure - step by step

The effect of a matte surface on nails is fashionable at the moment. In a few steps we’ll explain how to achieve it and which products to use to make a matte hybrid manicure look perfect.

Kształty paznokci i jak je piłować
Shapes of nails, or how to file them

Seasonal colour changes and various trends go hand in hand with the promotion of specific shapes of nails. Nail designs with pointed claws used to “rule” only a few seasons ago, but almond shaped nails are now much more popular. No matter what nail shape you choose, after reading this article you will learn how to file nails to get the effects you want.