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Exclusive Indigo shows #2 on March 2nd!
Exclusive Indigo shows #2 on March 2nd!

The excitement after our first shows in February haven't simmered down yet and... the second series of meetings held in the heart of Indigo in Lodz and several dozen training centres in Poland and around the world are already ahead of us on 2 March!

Diamenty Beauty dla marki Indigo oraz Indigo Home SPA!
Beauty Diamonds for Indigo and Indigo Home SPA!

The list of titles and distinctions given to the Indigo Nails Lab brand is impressive. We're delighted with the next awards, just like with the successes of the Indigo Home SPA brand, which follows in the footsteps of its older sister – both brands have just won the honourable title of 2018 Beauty Diamonds!

Jak wzmocnić paznokcie?
How to strengthen nails?

Well cared for and neat hands are the pride of every woman – that's why many of us would give a fortune for proven ways to having stronger nails. We have good news – beautiful, strong and healthy nails are now at your fingertips! Here are a few tips on how to save even a badly damaged nail plate.

Jak pracować z Gelastic? Instrukcja krok po kroku!
How to work with Gelastic? A step by step tutorial!

New things can be intimidating! This article will diminish any doubts you might have about the Gelastic system.