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2018 Best Beauty Buys for Bloom Gold Shea Elixir! WOW!

Bloom Gold Shea Elixir from Indigo won the main award in the “Hand care and manicure” category – without any doubt you get the best there is by using Indigo products!

Indigo is famous for the highest quality nail polishes, but we set the bar much higher and have been striving to conquer the market of skin and body care products for several seasons now. The Indigo Home SPA line gradually gains your trust and our specialist products are noticed in prestigious contests and opinion polls. That’s what happened this time – our wonderful Bloom Gold Shea Elixir won the 2018 Best Beauty Buys title!

13 PLN / 8 ml %

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What’s next? We constantly work for your recognition and appreciate each of the awards. And you? Well, check out the awesome scent and incredible effects of the Shea Elixir and make sure you include the Shea ritual in your manicure! You can trust us – our products are of the highest quality, and the awards only confirm it!

Discover the entire exclusive Indigo Home SPA line now! Did you know that you can buy these products from your favourite Indigo showroom?

Sofia and Gdańsk conquered – Indigo Team triumphs again!
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