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1 weekend – 138 medals

On the last weekend of September, the Indigo Team outdid itself once again and proved that nothing is impossible!

The Master season has not yet started but our instructors are already breaking their own records! In the last days of September, they again showed the highest class, competing in these prestigious Championships at three locations. In total they won 138 medals from London, Sofia and Cyprus! We are still amazed!


It was a real fire! The Indigo Master Team went like a storm, triumphing in all divisions of the Nailympia Global Championships 2019. The result? 65 medals and the title of World Champion for Joanna Bandurska. This success needs no comment. The numbers and titles speak for themselves.

Detailed results of the Nailympia London World Championship 2019:


World Champion Joanna Bandurska
Nailympia Global Cup 2019
Individual Top Scorer 
1st Place Gel Tip&Overlay
1st Place Soak Off  
2nd Place Stiletto
2nd Place Gel Perfect Match   
2nd Place Gel Sculpture   
Team Trophy  

Magdalena Żuk 
1  Perfect Match Gel  
2nd Place Soak Off   
Team Trophy  

Paulina Walaszczyk
3rd Place Gel TipOverlay
Team Trophy  

Natalia Trefon 
2nd Place Salon Nails   
3rd Place Gel Perfect Match 
Team Trophy  

Renata Mastalska 
2nd Place Reality Art   
Team Trophy  

Eliza Pawlikowska
3rd Place Salon Nails 
Team Trophy  

Joanna Gil 
2nd Place Salon Victory Cup   
Ania Kurzok
1st Place GelTipOverlay  
1st Place salon Nails  
2nd Place Soak Off   
3rd Place Gel Perfect Match 
Team Trophy  

Agata Pisarczyk
2nd Place Joy of Nails With Bling   
2nd Place Perfect Match Gel   
3rd Place Stiletto 
Team Trophy  

Klaudia Kaczmarek 
1st Place Reality Nailart  
3rd Place Acrylic Perfect Match 
Team Trophy  


2nd Place Fantasy Nails Justyna Nawrocka   
Team Trophy  

1st Place Fantasy Nails Justyna Maris  
Team Trophy  

Karolina Syga 
1st Place Gel Tip  
1st Place Reality  
2nd Place Runway Nails   
3 Gel Sculpture 
2 Stiletto Nails   
Team Trophy  

Natalia Slaby 
Winner of the Winner 
1st Place Stiletto  
3rd Place Acrylic Perfect Match 
1st Place Salon Nails  
2nd Place Perfect Match   
3rd Place Gel Tip Overlay 
2nd Place Soak Off   
3 Reality Nails 
2 Gel Sculpture   
Team Trophy  

Dominika Satro 
1st Place Reality Nails  

Dominika Ważna 
1st Place Gel Perfect Match  
2nd Place Gel Tip&Overlay   
1st Place Gel Sculpture  
3rd Place Soak Off 
Team Trophy  

Joanna Machnik 
1st Place Acrylic Sculpture  
1st Place Soak Off  
1st Place Gel Perfect Match  
1st Place Salon Nails  
Team Trophy 


The Nails Olympic Bulgaria 2019 Championship also belonged to us. The Indigo Team has won a total of 40 medals; 10 won by Katarzyna Zbroińska – winner of the Grand Master title.

Detailed results of the Nails Olympic Bulgaria 2019:

Paulina Kliber (Lipińska)
1st Place Tips Box Mix Media
1st Place  Tip Box Painting
1st Place  One Tip
2nd Place  poster
3rd Place  Gel Polish Design
3rd Place  Flat Design
3rd Place  Sztylet
3rd Place  Studio Nail Art

Paula Rzepka
1st Place  Salon Nails
1st Place  Sztylet
2nd Place  P&w Gel Sculpture
2nd Place  P&w Gel tip
2nd Place  Perfect Match
2nd Place  Jewellery Nails
2nd Place  Tip box Painting
2nd Place  Flat Design

Ewa Smyczek
2nd Place  Gel Polish
3rd Place  Salon

Martyna Surmacz
3rd Place  Jewellery Nails



Anna Napierała-Kowalska
3rd Place Sztylet
Anna Skibicka
3rd Place Akryl Tip

Agata Kaczmarek
1st Place Salon Nails
1st Place Akryl Perfect Match
1st Place  P&w Akryl Tip
2nd Place  P&W Akryl Sculpture
2nd Place  P&W Gel Tip

Martyna Surmacz
3rd Place Pink&White Perfect Match Gel
3rd Place e  Pink&White Gel Sculpture

Katarzyna Zbroińska
Grand Master Pink&White
1st Place  P&W Tip Gel
1st Place Pink&White Perfect Match Gel
1st Place  Pink&White akryl sculpture
1st Place  Poster Nails
1st Place  Jewellery Nails
2nd Place  Pink&White Gel Sculpture
2nd Place  Pink&White Perfect Match Akryl
3rd Place  Gel Polish
3rd Place  Tip Box Painting
3rd Place  Flat Design

Marta Tomaszewska
3rd Place Box Mix Media


The Championships in Cyprus turned out to be extremely fruitful not only for our female Instructors but also ... for our own male Instructor. In the Cypriot competition, our talented - Pablo Rozz - won his first championship title. Congratulations!

Detailed results of the Championships in Cyprus:

Klaudia Kawińska Pro Grand Master
1st Place French modeling
1st Place Salon Nail
2nd Place Stiletto
3rd Place Manicure
3rd Place Gel Polish
3rd Place Poster Fantasy
3rd Place  Poster One Nail
3rd Place   Tip box. Pedicure

Monika Kaczmarek Pro
1st Place Creative
1st Place Poster Floristic
2nd Place Salon Design
2nd Place   Gel Polish
2nd Place   Poster Manicure
2nd Place Poster pedicure
3rd Place Tip box – Jewellery
3rd Place Stiletto

Natalia Rostalska Pro
1st Place Stiletto
2nd Place Manicure
2nd Place Gel Polish
2nd Place Tip box – Jewellery
3rd Place Salon Design
3rd Place Poster Fantasy

Katarzyna Kaczmarek Pro
1st Place Poster Fantasy
1st Place Tip box – Jewellery

Katarzyna Wojtczak Master
1st Place Poster Countries
1st Place Mix Media
2nd Place Creative
2nd Place Tip box Pedicure

Pablo Rozz
1st Place Poster One Nail

Paulina Szymkowiak Junior
2nd Place Poster pedicure
2nd Place Poster Floristic
3rd Place Creative

Monika Urbanska Junior
1st Place Tip box pedicure
1st Place  Tip Box Mix Media

The Master Season officially open

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