Platinium UV Hybrid 15ml P03

Number:                                                              P03

                                                       Satin Rose

Volume:                                                             15ml

Characteristic:                       quick and easy aplication
                                to soak off - use Indigo Remover

How To Use:
1. Prepare the nail plate as usual
2. After the nail has been matted, it should be covered with Indigo Cleaner and Indigo Acid Primer or Indigo Acid Free Primer.
3. Apply 1 layer of Indigo Base&Top Coat and cure for 2 minutes in a 36Watt UV light
4. If necessary, after hardened, excess of the base should be removed by touching delicately with an Indigo Manicure Sponge or no-dust pad (to prevent the color hybrid smudging caused by too much base).
5. Apply thin layer of color gel and cure for 1 minute. Some colors require the procedure being repeated (done twice).
6. To create truly beautiful glow of nails, the Indigo Base & Top Coat should be applied as the last layer, and hardened.
7. Finish with an application of Cleaner to the disperse layer.

To soak off - use Indigo Remover with lanoline

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